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Getting To Know Us

About Us

The Blade kayaks Fishing Journal is devoted to providing you with all the information you need about kayak fishing, kayak fishing locations and destinations in Australia, fitting out your kayak, stories relating to fishing adventures, tips, gear guides, as well as techniques and tricks associated with maneuvering and navigating your way via the Australian waters.

With the aid of our destination stories, you are motivated to set out for the best fishing kayaking and the ease of identifying where the fish are. When you have our well-built kayaks and guide at your disposal, you will be amazed at the great catch you will come by each day. This is guaranteed because we provide tips and skills that will help you in improving your fishing kayaking and other activities on the waters.

Our journal also provides you with species stories.  These stories are aimed at making you understand the time and place to find a range of species. These stories acquaint you with the lures and baits you need to catch the fish and what to do when you notice the kick of a fish in the water. Our remarkable fishing kayaking stories will leave you with memories and have you shake your head with surprise. This is because of the well-detailed information we provide in our species stories. Also, this section of the journal informs you about what you can do with your fishing kayaks, how to identify the location of species and target them.

With our help, you can effectively fit out your kayaks to ensure safety and success. Well, detailed information is provided on how to fit out the seats, rod holders, GPS, storage, electric motors, sounders and other facilities that will make your kayaking and other recreational activities convenient, stress-free and cost-effective. We provide a wide range of options on propulsion, navigation and fishing accessories. These range of options will assist you in transforming your kayak from being a small paddling machine to a performance cruising and touring vessel.

With Gear Guides, we review and expose you to a wide range of product types such as paddles, fish finders, dry bags as well as loading racks that will help you in selecting the right products that are suitable for your water adventures.

With the help of our experienced team, adequate information and details, as well as tips and techniques, are provided for both experienced kayakers and beginners. Our team of competent workers will equip you with relevant tips to help you navigate and maneuver safely.

Our Mission

It is our delight that you have the proper knowledge about kayaks and vessels that will help you to cruise and tour the Australian landscapes and waters while you enjoy the splendour and beauty of these natural aquatic worlds. We want to make sure that you have pleasant memories to live with throughout your life.

Our Vision

We look forward to ensuring that we provide you with top-notch services as far as recreational kayaking and other activities are concerned. We also intend to create an enabling environment that will guarantee safety for you and your relatives as you take your cruise along the Australian waters.