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Blade kayaks

Welcome to the Blade kayaks. We are irrevocably committed to making your adventures and cruise the most fun and safest you have with the aid of a paddle.

We take pride in providing the best and perfect tours for both experienced kayakers and beginners. We do this with the aid of our well-built and designed kayaks and vessels.

As an organization providing kayak services, we consider ourselves helping to fulfil people’s dreams of touring, cruising and kayaking on the rivers, lakes and oceans. We also consider ourselves as being the right contact you need to achieve your holiday and tourism dreams in Australia.

Our types of kayaks are top-notch. These kayaks include;

Fishing kayaks

Whether you are a fisherman who sees fishing as an exciting adventure to get out and make a living or a shore-bound fisherman whose aim is reaching new waters, you must have the right fishing kayak to meet your needs and aims. Whether you choose to fish in an ocean, river or pond, you must get the right fishing kayak to carry out your venture most comfortably and effectively.

Inflatable kayaks

Having the best type of inflatable kayaks will save you from the challenges and stress associated with performance on the water. The benefits that come with getting your inflatable kayaks from a reputable organization such as the Blade kayaks are numerous. From the ease and comfort that our well-built inflatable kayaks provide, you can trust us to provide you with kayaks that will make your water adventures a memorable one

Single kayaks

Imagine setting out to the sea or river instead of enjoying the moments and beautiful sight of the aquatic world; you are busy trying to get your kayak in good shape. This is usually an ugly experience that no one prays to have. Hence, it would help if you got the right single kayak to make your adventure comfortable and adventurous.

Sit-in kayaks

Sit-in kayaks are specially built kayaks with enclosed cockpits or shelter that protect you against wind and keep your body warm. The cockpit also protects you from the harsh rays of sun common with the summer season.

Sit-on-top kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaks are the best and most suitable for daily leisure. This type of kayak is appropriate for all activities ranging from early morning fishing ventures, solo to recreational kayaking with friends and relatives.

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Tandem kayaks

Contrary to other types of kayaks with enclosed and small cockpits, tandem kayaks have a larger and bigger cockpit that can contain several people of different sizes. This is particularly the reason you need to consider using a tandem kayak for your water ventures.

Clear bottom kayaks

From the name of this kayak, it is evident that the kayak has something to do with view and sight. Well, you are right about that. This type of kayak offers the best experiences associated with underwater viewing.

White water kayaks

White water kayaks are mostly used in rivers and streams with restive water. Due to their unique and special construction process and design, these kayaks are able to resist, withstand as well as navigate through turbulent waters safely.