Wild Outdoors - Beavertail Stealth 2000

Even with my years of involvement with watercraft of pretty well every type, I still occasionally come across something that I find difficult to describe and this is a dilemma I find myself confronted by in relation to the Stealth 2000. One of its guises is that of a duck boat and the other is of a fishing vessel, but even then could it be described as a kayak or possibly a canoe?! Does it really matter? All I know is that it’s heaps of fun and I’ve caught some very nice bass from it.

Bass caught from the comfort of the Stealth 2000
Bass caught from the comfort of the Stealth 2000


Loading and unloading is easy with Boat Hoist
Loading and unloading is easy with Boat Hoist


Optional Front Seat
Optional Front Seat


Set up and ready for action
Set up and ready for action


The Stealth 2000 is loaded with storage options
The Stealth 2000 is loaded with storage options


There's even plenty of storage under the seat
There’s even plenty of storage under the seat


If you take a look at the Wild Outdoors website there is an angler version of the Stealth 2000 which includes a host of extras such as rod holders, ample storage for lures and tools such as knives and pliers, and elasticated tree huggers to keep the stealth secure to a tree if you want to prospect a section of water with lures without drifting away.
The rear storage compartment of the Stealth 2000 is substantial, with the added bonus of being watertight. Additional storage is also located under the standard rear seat and an optional front seat is also available at an additional cost, also containing under seat storage.
An electric trolling motor or maximum 2HP combustion motor can easily be fitted to the Stealth via the specially designed mount that fits securely on the side of the vessel. However, despite it’s size, the Stealth is surprisingly easy to propel by one person with the two piece double ended Stealth paddle and even easier with a second person paddling Canadian style using half the paddle each.
A casting platform is located at the bow and provides a great vantage point for flicking lures and fly fishing. The swivel seats are very comfortable if you just want a lazy day trolling lures in lakes or estuaries.
Overall I think the Stealth 2000 will suit a broad spectrum of anglers to whom speed is not a primary consideration but who enjoy a high degree of comfort with a lot of space and the ability to set it up exactly as required to suit their type of fishing. The Stealth 2000 can be transported on the roof of an average sedan or station wagon. A good investment would be a Boat Hoist also available from Wild Outdoors, making loading and unloading a breeze.
The Stealth 2000 is constructed of 100% custom compounded polyethylene, in a 1-piece roto-moulded design incorporating a foam-filled inner structure and a twin hull catamaran style bottom for ultimate stability. All of this and it floats in only 4-5 inches of water!

Designed for 1-2 persons, with an optional 2nd seat available
Foam-padded platform
Double interior rod racks
360 degree, cushion swivel seat with folding backrest
Storage compartment under seat to hold a marine battery
Cup & thermos holder
Handles on both ends
Watertight storage compartment – rear
Tie-down slots – front and rear

Dimensions & Weight (Approx)
Overall: 366mm Long x 112mm Wide x 38mm Deep
Cockpit: 244mm Long x 96mm Wide
Weight: 55 Kilograms
Weight Capacity: 250 kilograms