Rod Holder R - Rod Holder II's Little Brother

The old favorite, the Rod Holder II is our biggest selling accessory, very quickly after it’s release becoming the rod holder of choice in many circles.
Since its release we have found not all fishermen need the security and versatility of this flagship model. Enter the Rod Holder R, a cut-down version designed for freshwater anglers.
This new item will be publicly launched within the next week.
Rod Holder R
Featuring a shorter and slightly higher body, with a stretchable rubber strap to secure bait casters and spinning reels, the Rod Holder R is very much a high quality RAILBLAZA product, but at a lower price than the Rod Holder II.
It is packaged in two ways, as a kit with the very popular StarPort HD, allowing it to fit the footprint of many other popular mounts on the market, or as a Rod Holder R Only so customers can buy any other RAILBLAZA mounting port to go with it. Also available as an OEM pack of 10 for boat builders and in store fitouts.
The two retail models are;
02-4082-11 – Rod Holder R only
04-4082-11 – Rod Holder R & StarPort HD kit.
Shipping now, please contact your RAILBLAZA supplier for pricing and availability.