Railblaza Sounder & Transducer Mount Kit

By Steven Riding
Railblaza Sounder Kit #1
The Sounder & Transducer Mount Kit from Railblaza is just the piece of kit you need for installing a sounder onto you kayak with the minimum amount of drilling and screwing. This benefit alone is enough justification to buy one. What is truly brilliant about this system, however, is that you can move your sounder between kayaks with minimal effort. It is also as simple as a couple of clicks and pulls to remove the sounder completely from your kayak and be able to keep it safe during transport or storage.

The kit comes packaged in a bag with the following components:

  • SwivelPort
  • Adjustable knuckle joint (not available as a separate part)
  • Fixed StarPort Extender
  • Cheek mount adaptor (not available as a separate part)
  • Rotating platform
  • Cable ties

Simplistically, the kit incorporates the arm to which the sounder transducer is mounted and the platform to mount your actual sounder unit on, along with the necessary fixtures and fittings. It does not come with any supplied StarPorts. The reasoning behind this is each kayak is different so there are different StarPort to suit the installation.


I installed my Sounder Kit onto a Pelican Intrepid Angler sit in kayak. Being a sit in kayak, I have access to almost the entire hull for tightening up the bolts that fix the StarPort to the kayak. When mounting the StarPorts to a sit on top kayak, make sure you can access the location on the inside of the hull before you drill any holes.

The simplest mount to use with the sounder kit is a SidePort. This mount allowed me to install the sounder arm with no additional components.

When mounting the SidePort you want it in a location you can access while sitting in the kayak. This allows you to easily raise and lower the sounder arm during launching and landing.

The StarPort for the Sounder Screen Mount was located in a position that I could easily mount the sounder and access all the features.

When used on the Pelican I place the sounder battery and the excess leads into the hatch at the front of the kayak. For one of my other sit on top kayaks, the battery and lead are stored in a plastic container and sit in the kayak near my feet.

It is possible to make more permanent locations for the battery and excess cabling inside the hull of the kayak, but as I move my setup between several kayaks I do not bother.

If you go down the track of just using a StarPort for mounting the sounder arm you will need an additional Adjustable Extender to get the arm into the water.

For use in my canoe I needed to get a Fixed Extender to make the sounder arm longer so it reached underwater.
Railblaza Sounder Kit #2
Railblaza Sounder Kit #3
On The Water

Getting setup before launching is as simple as a couple of pushes and clicking the StarPorts to lock them. The arm easily swivels in and out of the water. The swivel itself is strong enough that even really fast paddling does not cause the arm to move while in the water. After fishing, the pack up and disassembly took just seconds.

The Sounder and Transducer Mount Kit from RailBlaza is the perfect mounting system to use on your kayak. It is simple to install and use and allows you to easily move the sounder between kayaks or remove the sounder for safekeeping. If you own a kayak and have a sounder then this is the accessory for you.
Railblaza Sounder Kit #4