RAILBLAZA Illuminate I360 All-round White Navigation Light & Visibility Kit II

This update is to let all our dealers know this new light is shipping from RAILBLAZA HQ in New Zealand this week. We have so many orders already that they will be in short supply for the next few weeks!

We have gone all out on this design. To get the best from a set of batteries we have used a high quality Japanese made Nichia power LED and a high efficiency digital circuit. The light is lightweight and IP67 rated for dust and water ingress. Having AA batteries also means you get twice the duration of light for a similar cost when compared to using AAA.

02-5004-11 i360 All-round White
02-5004-11 i360 All-round White


04-4084-11 Visibility Kit II
04-4084-11 Visibility Kit II

Here are the changes to our product range;
02-5001-11 – LED Navlight All-Round White by Navisafe
02-5003-11 – NaviLux LED Kayak Light
04-4041-11 – Visibility Kit
02-5004-11 – RAILBLAZA Illuminate i360 – 360 White Light
02-5004-11 – RAILBLAZA Illuminate i360 – 360 White Light
04-4084-11 – Visibility Kit II
Designed and made in New Zealand using the latest LED technology.
i360 Light Features

  • Meets USCG 2NM
  • 3 operation modes:

Full brightness 2NM – up to 25hrs battery life
Half brightness – up to 160 hrs battery life
Flashing Mode – over 200hrs battery life

  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries, not supplied
  • Floats with lens clear of water
  • Waterproof to 1 metre

For more info download the packaging for the new products here;
RAILBLAZA Illuminate i360 – 360 White Light (.pdf 2Mb)
Visibility Kit II (.pdf 1Mb)