By Steven Riding

Rob Dean with camera booms at the ready
Rob Dean with camera booms at the ready


An important part of my kayak fishing adventures is to take photos and video so I can relive the moments between trips and to share these adventures with others.

The Railblaza Camera Boom is probably the most important part of recording my adventures other than the camera. It allows me to securely mount my camera on the kayak and easily change the angle of the camera.

The Camera Boom has 5 points of movement allowing you to position the camera at an infinite number of angles. The most important aspect when positioning is to ensure the camera is level with the horizon.


The Camera Boom fits into the standard Railblaza StarPort. When positioning the mount on the kayak it needs to be in a position where you can easily reach and touch the port.

I initially used the Railblaza supplied bolts to attach the Camera Boom as the added leverage of the boom and weight of the camera could add considerable stress to screw fixings. When drilling the hole for the bolt I drill a hole smaller than the bolt and use the bolt to tap a new thread. This gives an almost water tight seal, some silicon around the bolt on the inside of the kayak will stop water entering the kayak.

If after attaching the Camera Boom to the StarPort, you notice the boom bounces a lot because the kayak is flexing you can stiffen this up with a piece of cutting board. Cut a piece of a thin cutting board that will fit under the Starport inside the kayak. I like the cutting board because you can heat it up with a hot air gun and mould it to the shape of the hull. When I had to do this, I required longer bolts than the ones supplied with the StarPort.

I have four StarPorts mounted to the kayak just for the CameraBoom. Two at the front and two behind me. This allows me to move the cameras during the day and it looks like a film crew has been following me on my adventures.

Using the Camera Boom

The first thing you want to do before hitting the water is leash the platform part of the Camera Boom to the boom. This connection is made with a SwivelPort and if something goes wrong with the SwivelPort your camera will disconnect and sink to the depths. While you are leashing things also tie the camera to the platform. I have no fear of a StarPort letting go of the Camera Boom so there is no need to leash the boom to the kayak.

Because the StarPort is mounted where you can reach it when seated in the kayak you can spin the boom all around the kayak. This is great as you can get the camera to move all-around the kayak.

Changing the angle of your filming makes for a more enjoyable production. As an example these three stills are from a single video clip. The camera was moved three times:

Filming the hook up from the front of the kayak
Filming the hook up from the front of the kayak

Some close up action of the reel
Some close up action of the reel


Action of landing and releasing the fish - 1
Action of landing and releasing the fish – 1


Action of landing and releasing the fish - 2
Action of landing and releasing the fish – 2

By grabbing the StarPort at the base it is possible to spin the camera in a full 360 so you can get to the side of the kayak or have the camera right at the front. It is a simple process to bring the camera platform to you turn the camera to where you think it should be and swing the Camera Boom away. After a few practice goes at this, it is really easy and like second nature. I do not raise and lower the boom while filming a single scene as it is too hard to undo the screw and reposition the boom one handed while fighting a fish.

If you are looking to take your filming to the next level and you do not want to share your secret fishing location with a film crew then the Railblaza Camera Boom 600 should be included in your kayak fishing kit.

Enjoy using it and I hope to see your adventures on YouTube.