Ocean Kayak – Venus 11

The Venus 11

By Justin Willmer

The Ocean Kayak Venus 11 has been designed with women in mind, but is also ideal for smaller paddlers, up to the low 90kgs and suitable for both estuary and coastal waters. It is light for its length and one of the first things you’ll notice is its sleek hull design that combines stability and speed. A slightly wider seat design is ideal for female paddlers, as is the centre handle that is designed to facilitate easier loading onto a vehicle.

Features include supplied comfort seat, molded foot wells, rear cargo area with bungee cord, centre storage bucket hatch, paddle holder, cup holder and a front storage hatch with neoprene cover that accesses inside the hull. Along with the centre handle, the Venus 11 also features front and rear handles, and side handles. Two circular flat areas behind the seat area and one toward the front of the yak are designed to allow easy mounting of flush mount or removable rod holders. There is also a Venus 11 ‘Angler’ that comes in camouflage with pre-fitted rod holders.

A moulded in, threaded socket at the rear of the Venus 11 is designed to easily attach the available safety flag or light for added visibility on the water. Ocean Kayak kayaks feature a 100% waterproof ‘insert’ attachment system, whereby the recessed deck fittings are bolted into brass inserts that are moulded into the kayak during the manufacture process. This is not only a truly 100% waterproof fitting it is also an extremely strong and durable fitting.

Shorter kayaks, around 2.7m, have their place, especially for those with limited space and for adventures in the small water, but after a couple of years in shorter kayaks my partner Sheri searched the internet for a kayak for herself that had a bit more storage and a bit more length for increased speed. Her verdict on the Venus 11: ‘fast, stable and it tracks really well’. Our maiden voyage was onto Somerset Dam in holiday season and even among the wash of ski boats Sheri handled the Venus 11 without issue. A 20L Icekool icebox fits nicely in the rear well, to carry our lunch and I have an icebox in my yak in case we want to bring home a flathead for dinner.

If you’re in the market for a kayak for a smaller paddler, especially one for the girls, check out the lightweight, stable, fast and easy loading option that is the Venus 11 from the world-renowned Ocean Kayak stable. www.bla.com.au

SRP: From $1149
Weight: 18.1kg
Length: 3.3m
Width: 0.72m
Capacity: 95kg
Construction: Polyethylene
Colours: Pink / Oceans / Flame / Mango Flame / Camo (Angler version)

(Fact Box)
The Ocean Kayak range in Australia is manufactured in NZ and recognised as the world’s leading sit-on-top brand. Since its innovative debut in 1971, Ocean Kayak models have been considered among the most stable and safest kayaks on the market. Johnson Outdoors (Watercraft) is fortunate to have a number of highly talented and experienced kayak designers in its design and R&D team. As well as new Ocean Kayak designs, this team is also responsible for designing Necky and Old Town kayaks.