Ocean Kayak – Prowler Ultra 4.3

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I am excited about this kayak and after years of paddling a Prowler 13 I have upgraded to the Ultra 4.3, so stay tuned for more on the 4.3 in future issues of BLADE.


The new Prowler Ultra 4.3 captures all the best features of its big brother, the globally successful Prowler Ultra 4.7, with the addition of a number of new innovations that make it the benchmark in kayak fishing design.


The build and finish quality on the Ultra 4.3 are exceptional, as you would expect from Ocean Kayak and the 4.3m length make it ideal as an offshore fishing yak, while still being a manageable and super stable platform for those fishing coastal and inland waterways. It combines great stability for fighting big fish and superior handling, with excellent tracking and speed for solid days on the water and extended expeditions.


Standard features include the new seat pad and adjustable back band for added back support, especially for taller paddlers, 2 moulded in additional rod holders behind the seat, moulded cup holder and bottle holder, large inspection port to store electronics battery and multi-fit transducer scupper for a wide range of transducers including those that incorporate side-imaging. The 4.3 also incorporates an extra wide centre hatch that swivels so you can conceal even larger sounders when punching out through the surf. It comes complete with a rudder and weighs in at a reasonable 28kg, while boasting a massive weight capacity of 195kg.


Optional extras include an icebox designed to fit neatly into the rear well to keep your catch in good condition and your refreshments cold, and a rod tube that fits internally, with access via the centre hatch, to stow your rods safely while paddling.


I will be setting my Ultra 4.3 up with the available icebox and sail, as well as a couple of GoPro cameras to capture it’s use on water. Along with offshore fishing adventures the Ultra 4.3 will be ideal for chasing barra and bass in the big impoundments, exploring the estuary and bay, and I have a few multi-day missions in mind. With it’s size, stability, working area and payload I am itching to get the Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 out on the water into some big fish and will keep you up to date on the fit-out and fishing adventures. www.oceankayak.com.au



Length: 4.3m

Width: 0.74m

Weight: 28kg

Capacity: 195kg



Justin Willmer