Mophie Juice Pack H2Pro

by Annete Gray

Shiny lettering across the packaging of this i-phone 6 protective case and charger announces ‘Mophie loves you’. Unrequited love is a terrible thing, so fingers crossed this product delivers.




I really want to love it. The test kit has me hooked, given that ‘kill your phone’ samples are provided to smear and deface the highly expensive hand set, but only once it is safely enclosed in its Mophie case. Just for fun think Stainmaster carpet ad with Pro Hart: “Oh Meester Hart”. I am not about to do a tummy slide into spaghetti laden carpet with my phone facing downwards, but you get my drift….




I put the kit aside for a while, dreading the application process. Souped up cases in the past have been tricky to put on. They kill reception, bits fall off rendering them useless and they prove to be an expensive folly. With a trip to Stradbroke Island looming, the imperative to protect my phone while out on the water becomes high priority.


I should not have worried. Even a technologically challenged luddite could apply this case. Easy illustrations guide users through the correct way to encase your i-Phone 6 in the Mophie Juice Pack H2Pro. My phone swells to brick size and it feels like travelling back to the nineties. But if the claims are true, it is now pretty much completely waterproof and capable of delivering an extra charge should the battery run out of kick.


The first challenge for the Mophie and phone partnership takes place on the beach as pippies are collected for bait. It gets sandy. It gets grubby with salt spray. But my phone still works and the case cleans up perfectly. And then it’s time for a trip on the kayak. The encased phone fits neatly into the side mesh pocket of my Hobie. Sadly it is too bulky to fit into my lifejacket pockets; the downside of ‘peace of mind’ protection. I suspect pockets are more capacious in the bloke size pfd’s but I’m working with what I have. Despite plenty of wash over the deck in a few ill-timed surf manoeuvres, my phone keeps ticking. This case is holding up nicely. I also really like the ability of the case to deliver an extra boost of battery power when out and about.

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Confident the case is living up to its claims, the test kit comes out. Time for a proper challenge! Hopefully it’s not time for a new phone, killed at the hands of a trusting chump who believes advertising hype. Fun and games ensue. The mud is willingly glooped about by an incredulous son. Tomato sauce layers up nicely and then a dollop of flour. Anyone for a sprinkle of sawdust? We exhaust the contents of the test kit applying flour, sand and then a delicious rinse off under running water. My phone doesn’t miss a beat. This case is really something. I am convinced. It is seriously watertight, offers a convenient boost of battery power when necessary and should you ever get in a food fight, you’re good to go! Reception and touch remain largely uncompromised while the increased case size is something you take on board as part of the deal. No unrequited love stories here. I love the Mophie Juice Pack H2Pro right back. It is an impressive piece of kit that has remained on my phone long after I have come off the water because it is truly good! Every kayak fisher should get one.