Over the last couple of years I have found an increasing number of kayak anglers I speak to have more than one yak in their kit. Some have one for offshore and one for the smallwater, while others have one sit in and one sit on top, or a single yak and a two person yak for when they go paddling with their partner. With so many kayak brands available, we thought it would be worth spending a couple of pages in each issue looking at a kayak brand and a few of the key yaks in their range. In this issue we visit Extreme Kayak & Watersports.

Extreme Kayak Outlaws geared up and ready for some offshore action

Extreme Kayaks kicked off in 2006 and quickly gained a strong following, in part due to the fact that they are 100% Australian made and owned, something that is becoming less common with the influx of cheap, lesser quality imports. The quality of the Extreme Kayak yaks, evident in their 10-year warranty, along with their practical fit out, also attracted the interest of customers. Add to this a large range of colours and possibly the coolest camouflage colour range on the market, with 6 camouflage colours including pink camo for the girls and Extreme Kayak yaks were destined to become a popular kayak option.

Extreme Kayak owner Paul Endicott enjoys some time on the water flicking lures from the Outlaw

Extreme owner Paul Endicott has a strong background in kayak design and manufacture and is passionate about creating top quality yaks for kayakers and kayak anglers to enjoy. Paul uses computer design programs, combined with a solid understanding of plastics, the on-water performance aspect of watercraft and a wealth of knowledge and experience of the manufacturing process, to create watercraft that are durable and stable, that track well and have generous payloads. The machines used to manufacture Extreme Kayak’s yaks have even been built by Paul, allowing him to ensure that he has complete quality control from start to finish.

Robbie Wells with a solid smallwater bass taken on a popper while exploring his local waters in the Extrem Kayak Fish Bandit

After kicking off with the Bandit, a popular one-person recreational yak that is available in an incredible 12 colour combinations, Extreme soon turned their attention to the kayak angler with the production of the Fish Bandit. The Fish Bandit has a range of unique camouflage colours, achieved through the manufacture process, that many consider the best looking camo on the market. This compact fishing kayak is well fitted out for fishing, including a 70cm measure that is built into the kayak as part of the moulding process. The Fish Bandit rapidly gained popularity around Australia as an excellent kayak option for river, estuary and impoundment fishing, while also gaining a following among families and anglers with more than one yak, as they are designed to nest well for transport and storage.

The logical next step for Extreme was to take the success of the Fish Bandit and develop a larger kayak to suit offshore anglers and larger paddlers. The result was the Outlaw, a 4m kayak with a massive capacity of 250kg. Again released in Extreme’s signature camouflage colours and fitted out for the angler, the Outlaw became a popular kayak for those heading offshore, those camping from the kayak, larger paddlers and with the intelligent front well design that accepted an additional seat and large capacity, a popular option as a one and a half seater for an adult and child.

BLADE editor Justin with a surface bass from the Fish Bandit

Due to its popularity as a one and a half seater, the Outlaw has also now been released in a non-fishing version called the Amigo. The Amigo is great fun for the family, well within reach in terms of price and you can still grab a rod and go for a fish when the opportunity arises. Just like it’s little brothers, both the Amigo and Outlaw are also designed to nest for easy storage and transport.

Both the Amigo and Outlaw

If you are looking for some kayaks for the family, or a fishing kayak for yourself, check out the range of quality, stable, 100% Australian made kayaks from Aussie company Extreme Kayak. For more information and list of where you can purchase Extreme Kayaks, check out www.extremekayaks.com.au.

If you are keen to stock Extreme Kayaks, they are distributed Australia wide by Roman Camping Equipment – (02) 9669 4288.

Bandit & Fish Bandit
Compact, lightweight kayaks, that tracks well, nest for easy transport and are ideal for river, estuary and impoundment.

Dean with a small kayak tuna.

Features include moulded foot wells, scupper holes for quick drainage, paddle holder, two storage hatches, front and rear bungee cord for additional storage, safety grab rope, front and rear carry handles and Extreme Kayak’s 10-Year Warranty.

The Fish Bandit also features camouflage colour, 4 flush mount rod holders and built-in 70cm fish measure.

Length: 2.7m
Width: 0.74m
Weight: 19kg
Capacity: 130kg

Amigo & Outlaw
These kayaks were designed for the larger paddler or those venturing further afield. They feature incredible stability, plenty of storage area and a massive weight capacity of 250kg.

The Amigo features moulded foot wells, scupper holes for quick drainage, one storage hatch, safety grab line and carry handles, paddle holder and large front well that doubles as a second seating position for a small adult or child.

The Outlaw features moulded foot wells (optional rudder system available), scupper holes for quick drainage, three storage hatches, safety grab line and carry handles, paddle holder and large front well that doubles as a second seating position for a small adult or child, bungee cord on the front and rear wells for additional storage, 4 flush mount rod holders, built-in 70cm fish measure and transducer scupper.

Length: 4.0m
Width: 0.84m
Weight: Amigo – 28kg / Outlaw – 30kg
Capacity: 250kg