About Us

Over 70% of earth is covered in water...

There are over 24500 Species of fish...

Kayak fishing is the fastest growing water sport in the world...

It makes sense that BLADE KAYAK FISHING JOURNAL has been born

BLADE Kayak Fishing Journal is everything yak fishing, red hot kayak fishing destinations, target species from around the world, fishing adventure stories, fitting out your yak, gear guides, tips, tricks and techniques and some amazing imagery of a rapidly growing sport, filled with passionate people that are pushing the boundaries on a daily basis.

Destination stories will take you to where the fish are, help you kit out your yak for the journey and set you up with the right gear to get your rod bent and the drag screaming.

Species stories will help you to understand the intricacies of a range of species, why, when, where and how to target them, what baits and lures are going to get them biting and what to do when you feel the rod kick and see that fish leap from the water.

You will find yourself smiling and shaking your head at some of the incredible adventure fishing stories. It is mind blowing to see the extremes kayak anglers will go to, the places they will take a yak and the species they will target.

Fitting out your yak correctly is crucial to both safety and success and throughout its issues BLADE will look at fitting out your yak with everything from rod holders, seats and storage to sounders, GPS, electric motors and even sails. The options available in terms of safety, navigation, propulsion and fishing accessories are almost endless and can transform your yak from a basic paddling machine to a performance touring and angling platform.

Gear guides will review the latest kayak and fishing products as well as investigating a range of product categories including seats, paddles, electric motors, fish finders, GPS, loading racks and dry bags to help you select the right products to suit your next adventure. With kayak anglers traveling far and wide in search of untouched water and new species ultralight camping from the yak is also becoming more popular. BLADE recognises this and will also be reviewing product categories such as tents, sleeping bags, bedding, cutlery and crockery, kitchenware, cooking, lighting and food that is suitable for camping from the yak when touring or fishing.

With an experienced team that are keen to share tips, tricks and techniques on everything kayak fishing from anchoring to kayak loading and fighting fish to surf launching there is something here for the beginner through to the experienced kayak angler. If that’s not enough BLADE also has a professional photographer among the team to capture all the action, from leaping fish to surf launches, epic battles to untouched waterways, you will feel like you are there.

The team at BLADE are passionate about kayak fishing and the aim of this journal is to educate and inspire, so get onboard and let’s go in search of our next adventure.

See you on the water…

Steve Evans – Editor